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Always Kiss The Girl.

mindset Jan 03, 2022

Every guy knows the feeling.

You’re on a date, things seem to be going well. You’re walking her home and you arrive at her front door.

The moment of truth. You start to sweat, your heart beats faster and faster, you’re trying to make that transition from talking to kissing, looking for just the right moment to lean in and go for it.

She says "OK, well…good night.” You give her a smile, a nice head nod, and walk away. Then that feeling gnaws at you on your walk to the car or to your apartment – the feeling of regret. 

Now you don’t know where you stand, and you’re stuck in this limbo state.

  • Did she like me?  
  • Do I ask her out again?
  • Would she even go out with me again if I ask her?

If you had just leaned in for the kiss, your answers would be laid out in front of you.

If she reciprocated, you’d have your answer.

If she pulled away, you’d also (pretty much) have your answer, although this one can be a bit more complicated.

But, this is about more than just going in for the kiss. It’s about taking the risk, going after what you want, and it’s important in every single aspect of your life. 

You need to take risks.

You can take the safe route, live a comfortable life, and never "rock the boat" or challenge the status quo. It can feel safe. But it’s not exciting, and it will not force you to grow and better yourself.

And to think of it, it’s not even that safe. It’s leaving your fate in the hands of others instead of going after what you want. 

"Kiss the girl" is a perfect metaphor for taking the risk, giving the finger to rejection. So what if you get rejected? Would you rather know the answer, or remain in a constant "what if" state? What if sucks.

And rejection isn’t all that bad.

The key is minimizing the amount of time you feel rejected.

The sooner you can minimize that rejection period to zero, the better. You’ll feel less fearful when the time comes to take the leap and act. 

Think "kiss the girl" when asking for something.

Curious if you can score a free refill on your coffee? Ask.

Wondering if you can extend that vacation just a bit, even though it may mean going over your annual vacation allotment? Ask.

Think that pretty girl in the line at the supermarket would go out with you? Ask. 

Sometimes you will get rejected. But think about it – if you get a no, you are no worse off than you were before. Maybe a slightly bruised ego, but that is temporary. It goes away, and you live. Nothing tragic happens.

But if you get that extra day, or that girl goes out with you, you’ll be so happy you asked. You never want to look back at something and think, “I should have asked.” Never be afraid to ask, and get your answer right away.

I can tell you what you’ll get every single time if you don’t ask – nothing! 

When faced with a situation where you want something, but feel the tightening hold of hesitation – always kiss the girl.